PwC Graduate Application Process – NEW FOR 2018/2019

STEP 1: Online Forms

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to work within PwC and which route you’d like to follow, fill in the online application form. After completing this form you’ll be invited to take some online tests. Make sure to submit full and accurate information, or you may not reach the final stage.

STEP 2: Career Valuation – Situational Judgement Test

Once you’ve applied for a role, your first assessment will be Online Immersive Job Preview Assessment. Often termed as a Situational Judgement Test. You’ll watch video scenarios of what it’s like to work with PwC and be prompted to answer questions that have been designed to help PwC evaluate your suitability to the role and company’s culture.

STEP 3: Career Unlocked – Game-Based Assessment

Next stage will be a series of Games-based Psychometric Assessments that measure your cognitive skills and behavioural preferences. PwC will be looking at your numerical and abstract reasoning abilities and natural behavioural preferences. For instance, how you overcome challenges, how you work towards goals and how you make decisions.

STEP 4: Career Conversation – Video Interview

Depending on the programme you’ve applied to, you’ll be invited to undertake a video interview which provides you with the opportunity to tell PwC more about yourself and for you to learn more about them. Pwc is looking for you to provide them with evidence of the behaviours they look for as well as reassuring them that you’ve thought carefully about your career choice. You need to be able to demonstrate that you have a clear interest in the business world and PwC.

STEP 5: Career Focus – Assessment Day

This usually consists of tests that measure your numerical and inductive (sometimes called logical reasoning) or verbal reasoning skills; a written communication exercise and a group or individual exercise based on different case studies.

STEP 6: Final Interview

This is a one-to-one interview with a senior member of the business area you want to join. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for PwC and your understanding of the importance of client service.

PwC Graduate Application Process – Last year’s statistics

1. Application Form – around 40,000 graduates apply for PwC graduate jobs. After the initial screening, those who satisfy job requirements (app. 75%) are invited to complete the Online Assessment.
2. Online Assessment – around 30,000 graduates are invited to complete this stage, which is 75% of a total number of applicants, and almost 40% of them are successful (which is 29% of total applicants).
3. Video Interview – app. 11,500 are invited to complete this stage, which is 29% of a total number of applicants, and 44% of them are successful (which is 13% of total applicants).
4. Assessment Day – app. 5,000 applicants are invited for the Assessment Day and 3,000 of them progress to the Partner Interview.
5. Job Offer – 1,200 applicants get the offer after the Partner Interview which is 3% of the total number of applicants.

PwC graduate number of applicants
PwC graduate number of applicants

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