KPMG Online Application Form

This part of the recruitment process is your first chance to set a good impression and stand out from your competition. The online form will ask you to provide details of your education and any academic results, work experience and potentially some motivational questions, depending on the business area you apply to.

You should apply as early as possible. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. This way you increase your chances of progression to the next stage.

The registration form consists of the following sections:

a.  Personal details
b.  Application details
c.  Contacts in KPMG
d.  School/College education
e.  Higher education
f.  Accountancy Qualifications
g.  Employment history
h.  Language skills
i.   Equal opportunities

As of May 2017, KPMG has removed career motivation questions entirely. There are some restrictions imposed on overseas applicants for this procedure. Overseas applicants are not eligible to apply for all departments and strict deadlines are in place as the firm will need to arrange a work visa. 

Some questions you can expect to find on the KPMG registration form are listed below, the career motivation abilities are further assessed at KPMG Digital submission stage:

  • Through your research and in your own words please explain five key reasons why you are interested in joining KPMG. (100 words limit)
  • Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients. (100 words limit)
  • Please let us know what you think you will be doing in your first year on your chosen programme and service line. (100 words limit)
  • Please briefly describe your role and key responsibilities and/or achievements (50 words limit)
  • Please give brief details, in bullet point format, of the positions you have outlined, including dates and key responsibilities (200 words limit)
  • The registration form can seem fairly simple and straightforward, but it may surprise you to learn that 30% of all applicants will trip over the first step. Make sure you are fully prepared to pass at your first attempt!

KPMG Registration Form Results

Upon submission, the computer system instantly grades your form and gives you a pass or fail. If everything is alright you’ll be automatically invited to complete the Situational Judgment Test.

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