Strengths Portal 1

Both Situational Strengths and Business Behaviours Tests are specifically designed to give you a genuine insight into what working at EY would be like.  You’ll face a variety of scenarios and will have to select (in order of preference) your responses from a list provided.

In Situational Strengths Test, you will be presented with 16 videos describing a specific situation related to some common work-related scenarios. You will then be required to identify how you would approach this problem by rating the possible answers from 1-5, based on the likelihood that you would undertake each action.

Business Behaviours Test is very similar to the EY Situational Strengths Test, but this time there will be no videos and your answers to each item will determine the following questions. After each question, you will be presented with 5 options and asked to rank them in order of how you are most and least likely to behave.

We have created for you the entire preparation for EY Strengths Portal 1. It covers everything that you need to pass this stage. To download material click here.

EY What’s Your Mindset Questionnaire

This online assessment test will focus on 5 main characteristics:

  • attention to detail,
  • ability to learn a new language,
  • problem-solving proficiency,
  • ability to concentrate,
  • understanding of new technologies.

You will be presented with different descriptions and required to rank them according to which ones are most and least like you.

Tip: There is no right and wrong answer – but you need to be consistent in how you answer these questions. The test is designed to pick up on any inconsistencies and you will be penalised.

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