STEP 4: EY Assessment Centre

You will take part in various activities such as a team meeting (group exercise), a written report and a presentation (only for some positions). If you are successful at this stage, you will be invited to attend a final interview.

The assessment centre at EY will be divided into two parts:

EY Group Exercise

  • You will be required to take part in the group in-tray exercise, which will expose you to a task that does not require any prior preparations.
  • You will need to analyse a piece of information and use your reasoning to suggest the best solution.
  • Remember to stay calm and focused; the HR assessors will observe your behaviour throughout the assessment centre.

EY Case Study

  • You will be given details of a company and relevant materials relating to the decision they are considering. In just 40 minutes, you need to fully comprehend the specific business situation that the company is facing, analyse relevant information and prepare recommendations in the form of a written document or presentation. You will be able to use Microsoft Word to write up your findings.
  • You will also be asked to prepare a plan to manage the team, which will include: the work schedule, individual tasks, contingency plans and progress checks.

Tip: you need to work through the examples quickly and be confident about your decisions. You will have no time to go back and start from scratch, so just stick with what you are doing and try to be very precise when forming your arguments.

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