STEP 4: Deloitte Online Job Simulation

Deloitte’s Online Job Simulation is actually a video interview that consists of a range of competency-based questions, case study adjusted to a role that you are applying for, followed by 10 questions related to the case study. Questions are mainly numerical with some verbal and logical reasoning in between. There is also an essay question.

They call it a ‘job simulation’ as the assessment is related to the types of challenges and opportunities you might face once you are in a role with the company. There will be a variety of questions that come in different formats including written, video and multiple choice responses which you will be asked to rank. You will be presented with an end-to-end case study which relates to the business area you have applied to.

We have created for you the entire preparation for Deloitte Online Job Simulation. It covers everything that you need to pass this stage. To download material click here.

Before taking the interview make sure to:
– find a comfortable and quiet place to complete the assessment;
– wear clothes that you would wear to work, smart is the best;
– complete all the practice questions which you are given access to at the start of the assessment, as they’ll help you get familiar with the technology;
– make sure to complete everything on time;
– speak clearly.

Afterwards, it can take months to get the final interview date. First interviews are usually scheduled not before mid-December, and most often in January.

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