STEP 2: Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment includes 26 questions. You will be presented with a series of graphs/charts which outline a number of situations – combination of numerical and verbal reasoning skills. There is also a part of situational judgment questions. There are five potential responses to each situation and you will be asked to rank these in order of preference, the way you are most likely to respond would be first. You should be familiar with Deloitte core competencies. Also, candidates mostly find the numerical part as a difficult one.

The assessment isn’t timed so you can complete it at a pace that you’re comfortable with, but it does need to be completed in one sitting. The average time for completion is 40 minutes. 48 hours after completion you’ll get a personalised feedback report sharing your strengths, with some practical advice on how to make the most of your potential. However, this is not the outcome of your assessment.

It usually takes 7 days to get notified about the outcome of Immersive Online Assessment. During the busy times, it can take up to 30 days (usually during October and November).

We have created for you the entire preparation for Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment. It covers everything that you need to pass this stage. To download material click here.

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